Sputnik was her name, not entirely coincidental but rather aptly the Russian term for travel companion. Baptized as such she came poking through the window, her nose firmly planted at the centre of a nook. It would take three entire days before our heroine and creative entity, later taking on the name of Sabina Toll, would anxiously absorb her first portion of earthly air, and this in an Italian ride, the FIAT 128. Her playful, inquisitive and boisterous energy would eventually become the catalyst for her future intergalactic journey.


A Sardinian shepherd’s granddaughter and a direct descendant of a Swiss Guard at the Vatican, she would eventually grow up in the coal miner boroughs of the city of Genk. Moving around restlessly she arrived in Brussels, eventually returning to every place that felt like home.


In an impartial and predating universe little Sabina Toll recorded her own melodies with a tape recorder. Enthralled by small Italian divas such as: Madonna, Lorella Cuccarini and Raffaella Carà. Television station RAIUNO would eventually become the epicenter of her taste pallet: Domenica In, panetone… Pronto! As it turned out, the obvious daytime cleavage of plump blonde starlets, telephone games for the hard of hearing and Sandokan would make an indelible impression via the ether from Rome.


During puberty she would join The Red Cross, following her first period. Divas made room for The Doors, Melanie’s grainy vibrato and Peter Steele. Her seemingly endless musical journey had begun. Sabina would subsequently explore a plethora of sounds and genres through numerous bands.


Goblin became her first punk band. Not by happenstance it would later seem. But as if predestined, unaware of that other Goblin-band at the time - the one that made soundtracks for Dario Argento – they would eventually end up on her musical mood board. Her love for Surrealism, Scifi, Horror, B-movies, Giallo movies and The Bold and the Beautiful led to an imprint in her magnetic field. As did, New Wave, Techno, Electro, Doom, Ethnic, Edith Piaf, Ennio Morricone, Lee Hazlewood and other travel companions who would later trigger her creative skills. Constricted behind the mic stand of the multiple bands that crossed her path, she broke free and created her own universe. One were she could give birth to her ultimate true self: Sabina Toll.




But then … still not aware of what is meant to be… she records visions of her travel companions who seem to be communicating in a weird code language. An entity of the Planet Kontrilor contacts Sabina Toll and informs her she is embarking on a mission to broadcast a message to everyone living on planet earth.


‘Be aware of the code translator... She may live in your daydreams’.


To be continued…